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A few weeks ago, I was playing with the Microsoft Teams creation using Microsoft Graph endpoint and as expected, a couple of teams were created because of that. Using these endpoints can be extremely useful to automate a process on our organization. However, when you’re doing this it will create a lot of “testing” teams. This is also applicable to Teams that are not “testing”.

There are some scenarios where the document libraries on SharePoint are used only to upload files. For example, let’s say that you have a sales team that need to upload to a document library an excel every week. Therefore, maybe the new button to have an option to create a new folder or create a new document doesn’t make much sense.

A few days ago, I had a request to add multiple users in a SharePoint site but using the default interface, I can only add one by one. If we have a long list of users that need to be added to the site this tasks can take a while. So I come up with a PowerShell that will do this task based on a CSV file that contains the email that will make this process faster

Creating private channels is possible by default on your organisation and probably all organisation will have these types of the channel on Microsoft Teams. But from a governance perspective that can leave the user to create those without any criteria. So on this post, we will share a PowerShell script that will allow getting all the private channels on your organisation.

Information Circuit Board Graphics Concept

Microsoft Graph has a lot of commands that you can use to do some tasks. That will require you to manage and built the OAuth and from there make the request to Graph. But you can use the PnP PowerShell to perform this task. The commands will enable all of this and you don’t have to manage anything.

Authorized Allowance Permission Permit Approve Concept

When installing using PnP PowerShell using the Scope connection, it’s required to connect with an account with some additional permissions and often, we just take the easy route, give or ask Global Admin. With that role, I will be able to do anything with the scopes, but in some organizations granting this type of permissions can take some time or even not be approved.

With the increasing use of Microsoft Teams new scenarios are raised for the people and a couple of days ago I saw something about how can a user schedule a Team conversation. This option is not available out-of-the-box probably because you can have the app to install this on your phone and can easily create a post whenever is needed. However, there are some people that don’t have any application from the work installed on their phones or company phone.

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If you looking for publishing news content to your organization quickly and with perhaps looking to SharePoint News should be the way to go. You’ll have access to multiple tools and get for example content displayed from multiple sites. If you have the SharePoint App on your phone, you’ll be notified once something new is published. However, there are some scenarios where people may want to receive an email with this type of information.

When a user creates a News Post on a SharePoint site there are a couple of options out-of-box that will send some notifications. However, if an user accesses the Microsoft Teams, for example, he will never know something as been added to the site. So the option shown on this blog post is the most easy and fastest way to get information to Microsoft Teams.

A couple of days ago someone asked about how they can create a SharePoint list from an Excel file. There are a couple of methods available to perform this task but on this blog post, I will do the easiest way on my opinion to make this to happen.