Get notified by email when a news post is created on a SharePoint site

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If you looking for publishing news content to your organization quickly and with perhaps looking to SharePoint News should be the way to go. You’ll have access to multiple tools and get for example content displayed from multiple sites. If you have the SharePoint App on your phone, you’ll be notified once something new is published. However, there are some scenarios where people may want to receive an email with this type of information.

If you want to create a newsletter to send to multiple people on the following link more information about it. In this case, we will cover a way to be notified by email once a news article is published on your site. For that, we gonna use the Power Automate.

  1. Create a flow
  2. Select the Trigger – When a file is created or modified (properties only)
    1. For Site Address select the site that you want to be notified
    2. For Library Name write Site Pages which is the library that will have the News-Post.
  3. Now select a Condition
    1. Select from the dynamic content the Property Promoted State and select if that is equal to 2
  4. On if yes:
    1. Select the Mail – Send an email notification (V3)
      1. You can now select your email, title and body email. You can use the properties stored on SharePoint to show some content from the News
  5. On if No:
    1. Pick the option to terminate.

Some considerations about this Power Automate:

  • The property Promoted State is used by SharePoint depending on the status of your page:
    • PromotedState equal to 0 is for pages on the site.
    • PromotedState equal to 1 is for unpublished pages
    • PromotedState equal to 2 is for News pages
  • Each time that the article is modified the users will receive a new email.
Email Sample


After a new news post is created you will be notified by email with a news post. Since we’re using the PowerAutomate to process this, you can expand this Automated Flow to for example publish on a Team Channel and others.

If you want to send this email with the no-reply take a look to this sample and combine this with that:

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