Author: <span class="vcard">David Ramalho</span>

Photo by Brando Louhivaara on Unsplash

Microsoft Lists views are powerful, and you can adjust them as your need. You can have basic ones for regular users and more advanced ones, for instance for the admins of the site. Obviously, all the views are available for all the users which will have access to them. However, a few weeks ago I found that you can hide those views.

Announcements are a big part of a SharePoint landing page and there are a few options out there either using out-of-the-box webpart or you can build an SPFx webpart. A few days ago, I was looking for an example using List formatting and I couldn’t find it on the community repo. Therefore I decided to create this sample which should be available soon on the community Git Hub of List Formatting.

Microsoft Viva Connection enables the users to have quick access to data and information using Microsoft Teams and with that increase the communication across your company. As you can imagine Teams relies on SharePoint to provide such experience and in order to activate this functionality you need to set up a couple of settings in SharePoint.

A few days ago, I got a challenge that required me to send a message from a SharePoint page into a Microsoft Teams chat and that can be achieved using Microsoft Graph. I created a blank SPFx project and this post will go to the most important elements. You can also take a look at a sample webpart that I built using this process.

In a few days ago, I have been asked me to create a couple of sites and I create a simple PowerShell script using PnP Framework. Creating these sites on the SharePoint administration centre can take a while since you can only create one at the same time. If you are using a script like this will allow you to do a bit more on that also allow you to run other settings that you want to enable/disable on the site. 

Did you know that if you’re a SharePoint Site collection owner you cannot see all the pages created? A few days ago, I notice that I should have a certain number of pages on the Site Pages library (80 or something) but only a few appear for my user. You can verify how many files you have on the particular library on the Site contents of your site.

One of the recent updated for Microsoft Lists / SharePoint List Online was the possibility to comment on each item of a list that allows you to interact with other users for that particular item. This is a great feature which will be helpful to many organization and will help users to extend their collaboration. However, it’s possible that some organization may want to disable or enable the option in a programmed scheduled.

When creating a Microsoft Teams private channel by default, it creates a brand new SharePoint site which will store all the information related to that private channel. This is a special site that contains a couple of settings. I will leave at reference an article that you can check to check those settings. I will share some PnP PowerShell commands that will help us to get this information.