SharePoint Tricks Posts

The Hub sites that are connected on SharePoint (hubify), by default will have the search made on the particular site that the users connects. Making the search on those SharePoint sites to be global can make the life easier of your employees to find documents on the Intranet. On this article, we’ll provide a PowerShell script that makes all the sites of that particular Hub to have the Search globally activated.

The Modern SharePoint by default only allows you to search inside that specific site. However, the new version of SharePoint PNP PowerShell allows you to activate the Search for all SharePoint instead of just that specific site.

You can remove the footer by interface but you need to remove one by one. This example is when you have a template of a Modern Communication site applied to sub-sites. With PNP PowerShell, we can disable all the Footers from the Communication site.

With SharePoint Modern Experience, we’ve features where your SharePoint users can comment on the content of the page if you allow it in all/some areas of your Intranet. They also have a social area where you can see the users that like the page as well how many people visited that particular page. You have also an area where you can submit an idea to improve the SharePoint Online experience. On this article, you’ll understand how to disable/enable these options.

Modern experience solutions are created every day and installing them on Office 365 can be challenging and can create confusion for users. How do have this solution on this site and not on another one? In this article, it’s reviewed both methods available to install solutions on SharePoint and explain what is best for what.

Microsoft Teams have been a great Modern Workspace collaboration tool due to the diversity and how easy is to use. Creating a new Team is pretty easy and that can encourage to create teams for everything. Controlling your teams can be challenging. In the article, we will get a report from your Teams on your Organization.

By default, when you trying to activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature, you’re getting an error message on your SharePoint. That is because there are some hidden SharePoint features required to be able to acticate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure. This option that are disabled with the SharePoint Modern Experience.

On SharePoint Team Sites can be hard to do understand who and what are the permission of certain users. If they belong to an Office 365 group they will have the permissions of that group. They can also be added manually to the site and they will have the permissions set when added. This structure can leave users without the correct permissions on the SharePoint sites.