Custom Policy on Microsoft Teams

On the last article, I explained how to activate the possibility to share the screen with external users using Microsoft Teams. But depending on the organization, you may want just a specific policy setting for a user(s) to have certain abilities on the Microsoft Teams Meetings.

Creating a Custom Policy

To create the New Policy that we’ll give the name of Contoso Policy follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Microsft Teams Admin center –
  2. Click on Meetings > Meeting Policies
  3. Click to Add
  4. Fill the settings of the Policy – to know more about each option go to the next link.
  5. At the end of the form Save the Contoso Policy.

Adding User to the Policy

Now that our policy is created, we need to add the user(s):

  1. At the ribbon on Meeting Policies, click add a user.
  2. You can add the users by writing the email
  3. Select the user
  4. You can select all the users that you want to apply policy
  5. When finished apply the Contoso Policy to the user(s).

Check User Policy

  1. If you intend to check the users that are assigned on go to Users
  2. Click on the Filter option
  3. At the Filter Panel, select to Match all of these conditions
  4. Click on the dropdown Display name and select the Meeting Policy
  5. On the other dropdown select the Contoso Policy
  6. All the user with this policy will be shown there.


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