SharePoint Tricks Posts

By default, when you trying to activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature, you’re getting an error message on your SharePoint. That is because there are some hidden SharePoint features required to be able to acticate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure. This option that are disabled with the SharePoint Modern Experience.

On SharePoint Team Sites can be hard to do understand who and what are the permission of certain users. If they belong to an Office 365 group they will have the permissions of that group. They can also be added manually to the site and they will have the permissions set when added. This structure can leave users without the correct permissions on the SharePoint sites.

SharePoint sometimes can be a challenge to understand the structure and who is admin of the what. The article below allows you to extract all the SharePoint Communication Sites to an Excel that you can send to anyone to be analyzed without having to give Administrator rights.

Microsoft released nice features for SharePoint online one of them are the footer and the headers that you can customize. However, there are some scenarios already configured where this footer doesn’t work with the current design. There a possibility to remove those footer by interface but you need to remove one by one. With the power of PowerShell, we can disable all the Footers from all the existing Communication sites.

Did you already mistyped a SharePoint site name and be stuck because you have to wait 30 days to create a new site? Did you select a Team Site instead of Communication Site? Where is the site that we need to delete Classic or Modern?