Author: <span class="vcard">David Ramalho</span>

When we create a Modern Team site, we have the possibility to create with a simple click, since we have an Office 365 group, a Team inside the Microsoft Teams. However, if that message was dismissed by any admin of the site and you need to create the group, they need to do other type configurations to activate that group.

When we are starting or doing development on SharePoint online most of the time, and since the introduction of the Hub Site (hubify), projects are done with this new structure. Adding a new user as admin on each site of the Hub will be very time consuming.  With the PowerShell Script shared here, this task can be done in a few seconds.

The SharePoint Framework solutions (SPFx) are most of the times deployed at the Tenant APP Catalog and external users don’t have access to that resource by default. They will see an error message and that is related with Permission of App Catalog. You need to make the solutions files available for yours External Users and because of that, you need to configure your SharePoint Tenant to grant access for those users.

Since the Introduction of Connect-PnPOnline -UseWebLogin, sometimes there were issues where the authentication method is somehow being stored on your desktop with the current session for some reason, and when trying to connect to another tenant, we cannot enter the new credentials and the stored ones are used.

Installing SharePoint cmdlets it’ll most likely be a requirement when you’re developing on SharePoint either Online or On-prem. In this article, we’ll explain how to install, update, check the current version and uninstall these PowerShell solutions.

In the past, the Sandbox Solutions were the easiest way to add custom solution added to your SharePoint Classic sites and usually, we can just deactivating the solution and that will not be activated on the SharePoint site anymore but will always be there on the solutions list unless we delete the package.

External sharing is an important subject inside of the organizations because all days, we requiring to share a document or multiple documents. However, if there when managing multiple sites inside SharePoint this task can be challenging since you can have different setting for each site. On this article, we’ll export to an Excel the External Sharing of your organization from the tenant.

The Hub sites that are connected on SharePoint (hubify), by default will have the search made on the particular site that the users connects. Making the search on those SharePoint sites to be global can make the life easier of your employees to find documents on the Intranet. On this article, we’ll provide a PowerShell script that makes all the sites of that particular Hub to have the Search globally activated.

The Modern SharePoint by default only allows you to search inside that specific site. However, the new version of SharePoint PNP PowerShell allows you to activate the Search for all SharePoint instead of just that specific site.