Get a report of files shared in SharePoint or OneDrive

When we’re collaborating inside our organizations we often send links with access to the document. This task is done in a dairy and sometimes it is difficult to understand which files as been shared. So a couple of weeks ago, I cross with this feature that is recent on SharePoint/OneDrive that allows you to get a report, on CSV, to verify which files are being shared.

The reports may take some time to run depending on the size of the folders that are needed to be analyzed. On top of that, when these tasks are completed, you’ll receive an email letting you know about the report. Below you’ll have the instruction on how to reach this feature and a gif.

To get the report for the SharePoint site, verify the steps below. Note that only persons with Site Owner permissions will be able to get this report.

  1. Open the site where you want to run the report
  2. On the Settings menu, click Site usage.
  3. In the Shared with external users section, click Run report.
  4. Choose a location to save the report, and then click Run report

To get the report for OneDrive, verify the steps below:

  1. Open OneDrive Online.
  2. On the Settings menu, click OneDrive settings.
  3. Click More Settings, and then click Run report.
  4. Choose a location to save the report, and then click Run report.

If you need some information about the meaning of the columns generated, verify this link.



  1. Chris said:

    Great item, thank you for the help!

    February 16, 2021
  2. Sam said:

    Is this feature still here? I can’t find Run Report

    January 14, 2022
    • Sam said:

      Got it, need to be site admin

      January 14, 2022

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